Dienstag, 19. Juli 2011

A very special day

Sweet 13 today!

Happy Birthday to my lovely darling :-)

What a fruity breakfast, eh?

Daddy called to wish Charlie a happy day

Relaxing in the sun,- beautiful.

Wooohooooooooo,- what a great day we're having!


Yes, we went to their concert in Mainz!

We went there by train. It was an exciting day :-)

We found a lovely little lady-bird on the way,- so cute:

Then we took some silly pictures and were ready for the EVENT of the day.

The show was great and we laughed a LOT. Man, were they good,- such incredible musicians and such a beautiful sense of humor as well,- what a treat!

I'm looking forward to the next concert of Igudesman and Joo,- they are spiffing!

June 2011

Our June was sunny, wonderful and FUN!

Nicky and Charlie enjoyed their boat-ride:

Our concert was great, here are some pics:

Charlie's concert was amazing and I enjoyed it very much.

Here's a little video you can watch: