Mittwoch, 12. September 2012

Barefoot running

Last week I watched some amazing videos on youtube! There is a company called INVISIBLE SHOES which sells huarache sandals and kits for making your own ones. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t watch their videos before making my own sandals and ended up placing the ankle holes too near to the heel because that’s what some of the videos suggested. If you are interested in barefoot running, then do definitely give it a try after watching the videos,- they are amazing! 

The company AND the sandals :-)
In Germany I found a good company which does also make vegan sandals,- check them out here: NAKED SHOES

I used a piece of carpet, two buttons and a shoelace for making mine. Jeff Sekerak suggests to use buttons, which is a great idea because it keeps the laces in place.
The running itself felt great at the beginning but then the sandals started slipping off and my feet were feeling quite sore because the carpet got worn out really fast.

I made this video after the first hour of running and then went for more.

At the end, one of my feet was so sore, I had to take the sandals off and walk home barefoot.
It was a great feeling to run almost barefoot and I’m definitely going to do it again, as soon as I find the perfect shoes for myself. 

At the moment I’m thinking about either buying some huarache sandals or making some myself, this time out of a stronger material. This is what the sole of my sandals looked like after running with them for 2 hours. I don’t think I’m going to use these ones again. Back home, I had some melons first, followed by an ice cream treat which I made out of frozen mangoes and served with some delicious white grapes on top. Cheers!

Sonntag, 2. September 2012

Does fruit make you fat?

Last Saturday I spent the first half of the day in the health food store, making and offering some delicious banana ice cream with my mixer. The shopkeeper was very helpful,- he even offered to peel all 10 pounds of bananas for me on Friday night!
Everybody loved that ice-cream, including the little ones, who kept coming back for more.
One lady told me that being a raw vegan is a dangerous thing “because you hardly eat anything at all and get skinny”. I replied by saying “You have to know how to do it in order to be successful on this lifestyle”,- and she agreed with that before adding the classic line “but bananas make you fat!”
Do you know any fat fruit lovers? The problem is that most people finish their fatty lunch with a fruity desert, deciding it was the fruit that made them fat in the first place.
The question here is,- can anything make you fat if you take full responsibility for your actions and start living by choice?

You can eat as much fruit as you like but make sure to eat it on an empty stomach because it goes through fast. If you eat it after a heavy first course, then your lovely fruit will just sit on top of that meal and rot.

On Saturday, everybody received a free banana-ice-cream recipe from me. You’ll get one too:
after blending two bananas in your mixer, add 7 frozen ones and blend them up together. You can add a tiny bit of orange zest to your mixture and serve it with dates.