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The raw vegan lifestyle is the most joyous one I've ever experienced so far. After being a long time vegetarian, I went raw in the beginning of the new millennium. My 8 years old daughter had eczema at that time which would not go away since many years no matter what we did.

Now imagine our astonishment when it disappeared completely within 10 days after us going raw right away. Those amazing results inspired me to stick with the raw vegan bliss and today I am still very passionate about it. I want to spread the good news and inspire you to go raw and experience all the benefits the raw vegan lifestyle can offer.

The beautiful colors, the energy and the vibrancy this way of living offer are only a small part of them. I've never felt as relaxed, happy, energetic and free on the cooked food lifestyle,- there is such a huge difference between them!

Apart from that, I noticed that my world-view has changed considerably after going raw. This amazing lifestyle makes you feel healthy, vibrant and self-confident. You realize that you are a part of a big, beautiful and friendly Universe which created us. Each of you is wonderful,- treat yourself with love and respect, this will help you to lead a conscious life, which is a very fulfilling experience.

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