Donnerstag, 25. Dezember 2008

My rawsome day

The sky was beautiful
today. Just look at

The stream looked clean and pretty.

I tried to sprout some
wild rice but it took ages
(over 2 weeks!) and didn't taste
good,-its tasteless.

The egyptian geese looked tired..or perhaps they are used to silly people with cameras ?

Apple a day keeps the doctor away...

...Garlic is stronger,
it will keep him away longer :D

The ducks were enjoying the warm weather.


Teo hat gesagt…

About the wild rice: did you find real wild rice? Because the rice you usually find in shops is not raw at all!

Eva hat gesagt…

they told me it's raw. I bought it in the hfs.

David hat gesagt…

When I sprout wild rice, I place it in water and then set it in the Dehydrator over night. Works great!

Wild Rice is either raw or roasted, it always states that on the package. My WFS has it in bulk and its raw. Maybe yours really ws not raw because it will sprout after about 48 hours of soaking.

Eva hat gesagt…

you might be right, David. It doesn't say anything at all on the package though.All you can do is just ask the people in the HFS,-most of them had no idea but one of them told me that it's raw, so I just decided to trust him :-)