Sonntag, 27. Juni 2010

A beautiful day

Today we had an amazing day: we went to Nelly's wonderful Raw Potluck in Otterstadt.

Here come some lovely pics from our Raw PARTY! Nelly is such a lovely person,- I just love this girl!


Raw goodness.

Nelly and me

Here she is again, with Charlie

Charlie: getting ready for the England/Germany game.

There were LOTS of delicious goodies and I loved the new people I met there. This is Saunya's heavenly delicious carob halvah,- it was an unforgettable experience. Thank you, Saunya!

At the end of it Nelly surprised us by making raw coffee! I don't like coffee but this drink was quite good.

After the party we went to pick some yummy cherries and enjoyed the sun and the company of our new friends. They have a great site where you can purchase delicious COLD PRESSED OLIVE OIL from Greece!

Charlie found a BIG dandelion :-)

I was so inspired that I decided to have the next potluck,- which is going to be the first one in Wiesbaden BTW,- at my place in two weeks! Come and visit us on the 11th of July at 12:00. There will be lots of rawies, great food and we are going to have FUN :-)

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