Sonntag, 27. März 2011

What are you grateful for?

Charlie made this delicious salad all by himself: the recipe is in
Nelly's new book!

This is what I found out last year: keep looking for things you are grateful for and you'll always feel the inner peace within you.

Find some time every day to write down all about the gifts you receive on a daily basis and you might find it hard to stop because there is such an abundance of beauty we are surrounded with.

Raw beauty,- I love it!

Raw spaghetti made out of sweet potatoes with a colorful sauce.

Green smoothies are yummy!

Nature's great piece of art:

Nicky's 16th Birthday,- wohooooo! :-)

Today I'd like to thank Revvell who taught me how to appreciate things,- thank you so much, my dear friend! Feeling grateful turned my life situation around and I deeply appreciate your help.

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