Sonntag, 1. Mai 2011

Dare to dream!

Did you know that it's not easy to dream? That's right,- as soon as you start imagining what you want, lots of your limiting beliefs surface. They block the flow of vibrancy and force us to lead a secure life where we tend to get obsessed with creating more safety nets instead of building bridges. This puts us into a survival mode and survivors are usually busy with the struggle for life, instead of thriving--> which is what we are actually here for.

Most of the millionaires and successful people are courageous humans who went for their dreams, without allowing the fear of losing all the things they created, to control their lives.

The secret is to transform all your "what if"s into the positive ones like

What if the house I am dreaming about is already there waiting for me to move in

What if my income keeps growing every month

What if I can support 10 families and 20 schools with my income

What if I keep meeting inspiring people on my path who would love to work with me

Go on,- create your one ones. In fact, it is a great exercise to create minimum 5 "what if ups" every day.

I haven't read this book yet but ordered it on Amazon and am looking forward to reading it soon:

What if up!

What I discovered for me is this: writing down your ideas is a powerful thing to do.

Create a success journal, a gratitude diary, write down all your goals, dreams and thoughts and watch yourself grow with an incredible speed.

The speed is not important but it's great to see how fast things start clicking into place when you allow the energy of the Universe to flow to you and through you.

This is truly an amazing place to be!

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