Sonntag, 15. Januar 2012

Fruitarianism, Pregnancy and Intuition

How do I know that 80/10/10 is GREAT?

Well,- I've experienced high energy levels while on a high fruit lifestyle so often that it convinced me 100%.

I'm very intuitive and before even knowing that the raw vegan lifestyle was an option, I often experimented with my food.

In fact, I've been living off fruit for long periods of time without even knowing about 80/10/10,- I was basically doing 90/5/5 just because it felt great.

Long before going raw vegan, I used to do fruity experiments. Eating apples for one week made me feel absolutely ecstatic and strong. I did it just for fun but it worked so well that I wanted to try other things. Couple of months after that I decided to eat grapes and some cashews for 2 weeks.

Then I once went fruit for 8 days on vacation and felt amazing.

The water fasts which I did regularly, amazed me too,- I felt so light and healthy that it didn't feel right to go back to cooked stuff.

I did also love making long juice feasts. The only thing I didn't like about all of this, was the way back,- back to the old ways which don't make you feel good long term.

All these experiments made me think a lot about my cooked lifestyle and the low energy levels.

Even though I was a vegetarian since 1991, I didn't feel as good as when I was fueled by fruit.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I suddenly couldn't stand the smell of cooked food! I couldn't eat anything at all in the first couple of days and then after that the only thing that tasted good to me was juicy fruit,- imagine that!

My inner voice was extremely strong during both pregnancies and I ate lots of rawsome food and fruit back then. All the things which I absolutely loved eating before, started smelling so unbearable, they made me feel sick! I had to often hold my nose, so that I could go grocery shopping,- the smells seemed strong and almost aggressive.

After going raw almost 10 years ago, I kept experimenting with fruit and went 80/10/10 (or 90/5/5, which felt best) without knowing anything about it.

I love fruit and living off fruit for extended periods of time once or twice a year (2-3 months each time) made me feel absolutely wonderful.

That's why I could say that I'm doing this for a long time. But that wouldn't be true because I kept going back to high fat raw with 2 avocados on a daily basis, thinking that good fats are important.

Well, now, thank Dr. Douglas Graham's fruity book “80/10/10” I can consciously enjoy this beautiful lifestyle. I'm so grateful!

Enjoy the fruit, dear rawies. Eat lots of it if you want to feel good on an ongoing basis.

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