Montag, 7. April 2008

What to do............

.......when your children are "being difficult" (which usually means that they don't agree with their parents ).

This is what happened on Sunday:

me: "Let's go out on our bikes!"

Charlie: "Oh no........I want to stay at home."

Nicky: "No, I don't want to...."

me: "Come on, you'll like it. I'll show you a nice place I found today ."

Nicky: "I'm sure we won't like it."

Charlie: "That's right, Mummy, we won't like it at can we stay at home, please?"

me: "Let's give it a try."

After repeating all this 38738713 times, we did finally manage to get out of the house. There they were, sitting on their bikes and looking extremely uncontent. Then I had an idea. I bought a nice "raincoat" couple of days ago. I had it with me and decided to put it on.

Well, that certainly did cheer them up quite a bit. They started laughing so hard, we had to take a little giggle break :-)

Just look at this:

who is hiding under that cloak?

Let's go a bit nearer:

still a bit hard to recognise, isn't she?


And these are sunday's images:

my favourite tree

this one is pretty as well.

Eating carrots in unisono -->

Oh dear: no more carrots!

Nicky did like the trip after all.....or did she?

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