Montag, 9. Juni 2008



Nicky's looking for the basket,
Charlie wants to get the ball
It's so good, it's so fantastic,
This grand game's called basketball!

We are running, we are chasing,
We all want to have a go.
Nicky gets the ball, amazing,
What a speed and what a girl!

Charlie's good at it as well though,
He is strong and he is tough.
Quickly does he get the ball and
Throws it to the other girl.

Now the other girl is trying
To succeed: fast, faster, run!
"Try to do it better, Mummy:
just relax and have some fun".

Oh, the children! Right...they're teaching..who?
Not me?! Oh no, come on.
I thought, the adults are there
To show their abilties.

But the little ones are smart
Always knowing what they like,
They enjoy this very moment,
Being wise and living NOW.

I am grateful you're with me
Thank you for this shining light
Sunshine, peace, eternal love
What a beauty, what delight.

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