Mittwoch, 19. November 2008

Lovely people

Hello everyone,

thank you so much for all the positive feedback.

I didn't know that vitamin B12 deficiency is such a common disease:get well soon!

It seems that people who are constantly stressed out develop it more often. The other reason for it might be our new sterilized planet: all the fruit and vegetables get washed before they enter our kitchen, and the v.B12 gets literally washed away on the way to us.

Just because I LOVED your mails so much, I decided to make the comment button work again. Let's see how it goes ;)

Hope to hear from you again soon.

Take care,



Raw me and my husband hat gesagt…

Hi Eva

It was so interesting to read what you went through witht the B12 deficiency. I didn't know you can end up feeling that way. I too have low B12 levels so I take B12 injections once a month. How did you end up resolving this?

Eva hat gesagt…

Hey Dominique,sorry for the late reply. A water fast did work miracles in my case :) Hope you and your little family are doing great!
Take care, Eva