Sonntag, 14. Februar 2010

Feeling grateful

Today I wanted to upload this picture on Twitter but for some reason it didn't work. I'm new on Twitter and it's fun :-)

Since I met Revvell

online on Rawfoodtalk

and learned how to do my daily appreciations,

Revvel created a huge thread here:

my life starting changing really fast. I started appreciating each tiny thing that came my way and now I have the problem that there is not enough time for appreciating so many things every day :-)

This is amazing because I would just notice all the lack: this is not good and this is not enough and this could be better...but now I started focusing on the beauty and the more I focus on it, the more of it flows into my life, WOW!

I didn't know life is full of pure MAGIC and I didn't know I can create it!

Today, on this wonderful Valentine's Day I would like to thank Revvell for sharing all the GOODNESS with the world. To me, and to many others I know, she is an ispiring person and I hope her ustream shows will keep coming regularly,- they are wonderful!

Couple of days ago Revvell posted a link to this wonderful book written by Joe Vitale whom I didn't know before. Here is the link to it:

This book is such a beauty! I read the book "The sience of getting rich" of W. Wattles before and it's great but perhaps I wasn't ready for the truth at that time.

Joe Vitale's book is SO INSPIRING! It literally loads you with energy and inspires you to change your life NOW. I wonder how he does that. Oh, actually I know how: he is full of love to people and you can feel that love in each of his sentences. You feel special and you feel loved when you read that book,- well, I did!

I can't describe how I felt while reading that book,- it's a powerful stuff and I'm so grateful I attracted it and it came to me! Yes!

Have a beautiful Valentine's day, everyone. This life is always full of LOVE. Spread the good news and enjoy the power of feeling grateful.

Lots of love from


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