Montag, 22. Februar 2010

The wisdom of children

At the moment I feel like I'd love to read all the good books on parenting.

There are so many things I didn't know about!

Right now I am reading the P.E.T. By Dr. Thomas Gordon and find it very inspiring!
(My dear friend Sonja told me about it, here is her site:

There are little tests you can do by writing down how you would react in a certain situation and imagine my thrill when I found out that my results aren't that bad after all :-)

Still: I know I made lots of mistakes and I apologise for them to my children!

Thomas Gordon is right when he says: „We need a new generation of parents who will accept the challenge of learning the skills for raising responsible children in the home. For this is where it all must start. And it can start there today, this minute- in your home.“

Thank you so much for writing this love-filled book. It helped me to understand my children much better than I ever did before. It helped me to look at myself from all the possible sides and find out what I can improve and how. It showed me once more just how much we underestimate our children and how MUCH we can learn from them on a daily basis.

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