Donnerstag, 11. März 2010

For my Mummy

Today I’d like to thank my mother for everything she did for me. She was such a wonderful mother!
Lately I’ve been caught in a negative state of mind and been blaming her a lot for all the mistakes she made. Who doesn’t make any mistakes in their lives?
Now, thank Dr. Joe Vitale’s and Dr. Hew Len’s book about Ho’oponopono (it’s called “Zero Lmits”) I managed to let go of all the pain. It’s hard to describe what a huge relief it was to be able to let go of something I’ve been carrying around all these years! Focusing on the positive experiences is much more fun. It empowers you to discover your inner energy, instead of pulling you down each time you think about it.
In Armenia of those days, being a single mother was not one of the easiest tasks. She was always full of revolutionary, fresh and fun ideas.
Not too many people have ever heard anything about freshly pressed juices on a daily basis, a raw food lifestyle, autogenic training, jogging in the mornings or yoga…..she’s been reading lots of books and I was the lucky one who could experience the freshness of life with her.
When I was 5 years old, she started going out for a run with me every single morning. I loved the morning air but our neighbors thought my Mum is weird and told her to stop „torturing“ her child :-D
When the skateboard made it to Armenia, I was the only girl who could ride on it and everyone kept asking me what it was :-)
In the evenings we did often go for a nice walk while talking about the books we’ve been reading together.
Thank you so much for showing me how important it is to keep going. You were a courageous person and I will always love you!

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