Montag, 1. März 2010

Raw power with Nelly

If you ever happen to go to Otterstadt, a little picturesque place near a town called Speyer in Germany, remember to visit a rawsome and beautiful Nelly,- a very special lady I had a pleasure to meet yesterday!

Have a little peek at her colorful and fruity homepage:

She organises raw potlucks once a month at her place and her food is truly beautiful! Not only did it taste great, the whole afternoon I've been feeling like experiencing something AMAZING probaly also because she is a very carismatic person.

She made sausages with chips and ketchup which my 11 year old son LOVED and so did all the others, BTW. The sausages were gone within couple of minutes, which can only mean one thing: the rawfood chef is a true ARTIST! Her rainbow cake was SO GOOD,- I wish I could describe how good it was but it's impossible to express it with words. The cashewcream-layer just melted in your mouth and the other layers were not less fascinating either. I didn't know that raw sweets can make you feel so extatic!

This is the dish Charlie&I made for the potluck :-)-chicory filled with a raw spread.

The first picture shows it better. But the second picture shows the raw chef himself!

Nelly has also got some yummy raw products and I bought, among other wonderful things (her raw-recipe book, for example,- it's full of beautiful pictures and yummy recipes!), these sweets from her:

Now those are truly delicious! It was hard to believe they are raw,- but they really are! And the best thing about raw choc is: you enjoy it and then you can actually stop eating because it's so filling and satisfying. My Goodness me, what a completely new thing to experience for me!

Untill now I was thinking that it's not really necessary to make raw recipes,- I kept eating tasty but simple meals. In the last couple of days I realised what a great fun it is making raw recipes with children. My son started asking what we are going to make for supper and day before yesterday he didn't even notice that all he ate was 100% sunny raw food! He enjoyed it too :-) and the process of trying out new recipes frees his creative energy,- Charlie likes decorating the food and is always full of new ideas.

There were 7 other lovely rawies who came to this YUMMY potluck. We had lots of fun together and I hope we will meet again some time soon.

Dear Nelly, thank you for making me feel so comfortable at your place and for showing me that there are a lot of new and exciting things for me to learn.

I am so grateful we met, I can learn a lot from Nelly. Her husband is a darling too and I wish them eternal happiness and raw bliss!

Now imagine thousand little hearts flying up to the sky,- for Nelly&Volker :-)


Nelly hat gesagt…

Your words moved me to tears. Thank you Eva and Charlie. You are 2 lovely persons as well. Nelly

Eva hat gesagt…

Great to hear from ya! Thanks a lot. Take care