Donnerstag, 15. Juli 2010

Know thyself

Who doesn't know them,- those "annoying, evil and stupid people" who make you feel angry, sad and helpless with their tactless and/or shameless behavior?

What I found out for myself in the last couple of months is this: actually, those people wouldn't have been there if our inner world would have been clean. Clean of hurt, resentment and fears.

It's simple: as soon as you observe your thoughts and feelings and become fully aware of them, those people do either get out of your life or (and this happened to me many times) change their usual behavior and suddenly become more understanding and compassionate.

When we keep our inner self clean and strong, there is absolutely nothing to be scared of. The raw food takes care of the rest :-)

You will never be ab le to change "the others" or to save the world if you don't start with yourself. Isn't this empowering? I love it!

Yes, this life is full of wonderful magic and the best part is that we can change a lot by "only" changing our own perspective...which is the most difficult and most fulfilling task in this life.

Remember the ancient Greek aphorism: "KNOW THYSELF", enjoy the changes and go with the inner flow.

Love, Eva


Megumi hat gesagt…

what a beauty full reminder! Its just seems it never ends !!
Looove your photos!
Have a wonder full summer, maybe see U at one of the potlucks ?

Eva hat gesagt…

Thanks Megumi :-) Wishing you a great summer too.
Oh yes, you are always very welcome to our raw potlucks!