Sonntag, 11. Juli 2010

Rawmazing time!

The first Raw Potluck in Wiesbaden was a success!

We met at noon in this beautiful park and had tons of fun together!

I didn't know there are so many raw foodies round here....and they even told me that they know more rawies,-yes!

The food was delicios and the people are beautiful,- I love you folks!!!

It's all "made with love" :-)

These yummy chocolate balls are Saunya's speciality,- they just melt in your mouth *drool*

Aww, what a pretty girl!

Nelly was her usual wonderful self.

...and here comes the model again.

Saunya, the gorgeous raw choc expert.

Now let's try something new......

...are you enjoying the sun? I think so :-)

Need to keep those beauties in shape (I don't think so!)

Those are my girls ---> hugs

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