Freitag, 9. März 2012

Creating a great future

The Spring is there,- wooohooooo! I love walking in this park and feeling the nature...which each of us is a part of.

I had this delicious tomato for supper last night!

Now I have some time to write down my thoughts:

How do I create a great future?

By creating a great NOW!

How do I do that?

By feeling happy NOW.

How can I feel happy if I have problems with my husband/landlord/neighbors,- you name it.

Ah well, whatever we experience is simply the reflection of our inner world.

As soon as you change from inside out by choosing to feel good now,- everything else will click into place.

The fastest way of getting there is by cultivating GRATITUDE!

Focus on all the things you feel grateful for and you'll notice there are LOTS of them.

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