Donnerstag, 29. März 2012

Green smoothies, baby!

Today I've been making and giving out green smoothies in our local health food store Alnatura.

It was interesting to see people's reactions when I told them that there is spinach in my smoothies.

Most of them thought it's kiwi but all of them were pleasantly suprised after tasting them and finding out that they are delicious.

The question I got asked often was: "Where do you keep the bottles,- can I buy these smoothies here?"

One of the ladies liked them so much, she spent almost an hour next to my stall and kept drinking one smoothie after another.

I also met a raw foodie who lives here, isnt's that amazing??? There was a very handsome man there who told me that he loves raw food and that nothing else has changed his life as much as the transition to this wonderful lifestyle. Even though he lives in the northern Germany, it was wonderful to meet like minded people and to talk to them.

When rawies meet, the energy usually RAWKs and RAWls,- I love it!
In the afternoon I met a beautiful lady from Frankfurt, who was there with her cute little son,- you can see our pictures in this post. She came because she saw the event I created on facebook. I was thrilled to finally meet Jody who I only knew from one of the raw food groups on the net. It was a great surprise,- I love it when my facebook friends suddenly "materialise" in front of me.

Thank you for your support, dear Jody! I hope we can meet again very soon.
The lesson of the day is:
green smoothies are successful. Children love them and so do the adults.
Let's do it again!!!

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